2019 VIAHA Year-End High Point Awards

Presented at the Annual Awards Dinner by Rob Calnan, Regional Director
assisted by Bob Ramsey, VIAHA Director
January 25, 2020

Open Shows High Points

High Point Lily Lemieux
Reserve High Point Sloane Chouinard
tied with Sarah Ronayne

High Point Brittany Pears-Westra
Reserve High Point Alora Milton

High Point Janette Davis
Reserve High Point Mallory Campbell

Junior Rider 12 Years Old & Under
High Point Mallory Campbell
Reserve High Point Gianna McInnes-Bonifacio

Junior Rider 13 to 15 Years Old
High Point Sarah Ronayne
Reserve High Point Rachel Nikkels

Junior Rider 16 to 18 Years Old
High Point Mackenzie Steer

Senior Rider
High Point Alora Milton
Reserve High Point Maddy Vander Kuyl

High Point Maddy Vander Kuyl
Reserve High Point Rebecca Tims

High Point Mackenzie Steer
Reserve High Point Mallory Campbell

Arabian Horse
High Point Storm Watch J ridden by Maddy Vander Kuyl
Reserve High Point Desperato Rose ridden by Sarah Ronayne

All-Arabian Shows High Points

Junior Rider
High Point Stellamaris Trimingham
Reserve High Point Grace Schure

Senior Amateur Rider
High Point Lucy Austin
Reserve High Point Sandra Gilbert-Stockhausen

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